Fixer Upper homes for sale


Fixer Upper Homes for Sale: Facts every buyer should understand

Fixer upper homes for sale are available all over the US. However, failure in understanding the basics of looking for a fixer upper property can lead to lot of extra heavy work on the property. Therefore, before eyeing on any fixer upper homes for sale, you should learn about the primary features that you should look for in the house. Below are some of the most important things to consider before buying any fixer upper house for sale

Fixer upper house for sale: Location

Whether you are buying a fixer upper to make it your residence or you are buying it as an investment property, you should first make sure that it is in a nice location. Make sure that it is in a good neighbourhood and that it is easily accessible to all basic amenities.

Fixer upper home for Sale: structure

You need not be an engineer or an expert to examine a house to see if it is well built. Start with the structure, see if the fixer upper home for sale that you are going to buy has a base, strong enough to hold the structure. Next, start with roof claddings, see if it will keep out water and then see if you can find any cracks within the walls. Check the wooden areas to make sure that not eroded. Once you’re done examining the basic structure, start with other important things like electrical system, plumbing, heating system etc. Make sure that the house is properly wired with electric circuits and the plumbing and heating system work fine. 

Check the doors and windows

If the doors and windows aren’t in good shape, they would need repairing and in some cases a full makeover. Therefore, before buying, take a good look at the doors and windows and estimate the cost required for repair. These things often get neglected at first but later on tend to cost a lot.

Fixer upper home for residence

Prepare yourself mentally; are you ready to live in a house that is undergoing construction? You can imagine the scenario of a house under construction: lots of tools lying around, lots of dust and a lot of things that need fixing. And moreover, the repairing task may extend to a longer period of time. So, decide if you are OK with living in a fixer upper house that is undergoing construction. 

Fixer upper homes for sale: WORK Involved

Decide what things you can work on. Instead of avoiding the things you don’t like doing, accept the ones that you are OK with. For example, if you don’t mind doing wood work or are adept at electrical wiring, take up the tasks that require these skills. You might also need to seek some professional help in the areas that you aren’t skilled at. Find a professional who can guide you through the process by actually visiting the site.

Buying Fixer upper homes for sale: estimate time

Proper time estimation is very essential before you start working on a fixer upper. If you are working full time on your house and haven’t done it before, you will need to go through a lot of trial and error. In fact, if you think you are not well versed at anything to help build the house, you might want to consider hiring a pro to do that. There are some things that cannot be DIYed and you should be mindful of that.  One should be very much mindful of the aforementioned points before investing in a fixer upper house for sale. 

Fixer Upper Homes for Sale Videos

Here are some videos showing fixer upper homes in the US.

How to find Fixer Upper Homes for Sale in the US

There are many ways to find fixer upper homes for sale in the US. You should first know the difference between a handyman special/fixer upper and foreclosure properties that need repairing. The first thing that you should do is contact the seller who has his name on the listings of the foreclosures. Also make sure that the listing is currently updated. Once you take care of these, you should start looking for the foreclosures that are fixer uppers.

The first step towards finding fixer upper homes for sale is to inspect the home properly. For example, if you have found a suitable foreclosure that you think can be repaired, calculate the costs that would be involved to give it a makeover as desired. Before you start to look and find fixer upper homes, you should first be prepared to spend a good deal on repairing it. You might need the permission from the property owner to assess the property properly and see if it has any problems. Once you have all the information required you can easily calculate the cost involved. However, if you are determined to find a fixer upper house for sale in the US, you should bite a bullet and understand that if you don’t have the technical knowledge, you might be mistaken in assessing the cost involved in the repairing.

AAlso make sure to explore the neighbourhood in which the fixer upper is located. You wouldn’t want to find fixer upper homes for sale in bad neighbourhoods would you? Therefore, make sure that the neighbourhood has a good access to the local market. Also make sure that there are ample number of houses nearby. You can also search for these things on the internet esp. on Google maps if you cannot visit the property on yourself.

Another good way to assess the value of fixer uppers is to hire professionals who can assess the cost involved in repairing. Have the property properly inspected before investing on it(to see if you are ready to bear the expenses for the fixing). Repairs don’t come cheap and even if you find fixer upper house for sale in a good locality, you might need to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars for the repairs.

You can start looking for foreclosure houses on the internet. You can also find them on sites like Trulia, Zillow etc. but you should be knowledgeable on certain search techniques. All in all, even if you find fixer upper house for sale, make sure that you properly assess the cost involved in maintaining and repairing it.



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